The Liberal Studies office is currently not offering drop-in advising. To make an appointment with an LS advisor, please call or email Andrea Olson. Andrea can be reached by phone at (415) 338-6927 or by email at You can also reach out to the Director of Liberal Studies, Prof. Jose Acacio de Barros, at or contact any LS major faculty. 

Advising in Liberal Studies

All full-time Liberal Studies faculty are undergraduate advisors. Additionally, Liberal Studies has a full-time advisor, Andrea Olson, who can help you with the major and its relation to GE. To make an appointment with an LS advisor, please call, email, or drop in on Andrea Olson in HUM 409, or email one of your professors directly.  Andrea can be reached by phone at (415) 338-6927 or by email at

General Education met in the LS major

For General Education and University Requirements

  • Liberal Studies students can complete almost all their upper-division GE requirements within their major (except for UD-D). This possibility means you can double count some of your LS classes for your major and your GE. For upper-division GE, you can take the following LS courses:

    • UD-B: Physical Life Science: take LS430 or LS440
    • UD-C: Social Sciences: take LS401, LS402, or LS404.
  • For SF Studies upper-division GE, you can take the following courses:
    • Environmental Sustainability: LS401 or LS430
    • Global Perspectives: LS401, LS402, LS404, or LS430
    • Social Justice: LS402, LS403, or LS404
  • Students can complete the following lower-division GE requirements within the LS major. 
    • Area E: take LS200
    • B3: take LS209
  • We are constantly developing new courses, including a future UD-D option. Stay tuned and talk to an adviser to ensure you have the latest info on GE and LS. 

General Advising

Majors in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) should consult with two advisors each semester:

  1. an advisor in the major and
  2. a general education and university requirements advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center

Students who are completing a minor or an additional major should see an advisor in those programs as well.

Before You Meet With an Advisor

  1. Download a Liberal Studies Advising Worksheet, either Teacher Prep or General, and fill out as much as you can, using your unofficial transcript.
  2. Retrieve copies of your transcripts from SF State and other colleges (unofficial is fine). You can get your SF State transcripts from the Student Center link via SF State Gateway

Faculty Contact Information

For advising in the major, contact one of the following faculty:
Name Email Major
Augsburg, Tanya Liberal Studies
Barros, Jose Acacio De Liberal Studies
Ferreira, Mariana Liberal Studies
Hennessy, Logan Liberal Studies
Sousanis, Nick Liberal Studies/Comic Studies

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