B.A. in Integrated Teacher Preparation

Students completing Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Preparation B.A. will graduate with both a B.A. and a multiple subjects teaching credential with the additional option of completing a Bilingual Authorization for the state of California.

Students must start this program in their first year and qualify to begin the credential program courses before beginning their third year. By April of spring semester of their second year in the program, students will be admitted to the credential program if they have: attempted the C-BEST exam; completed 45 hours field experience; achieved at least a 2.76 GPA; acquired the CTC certificate of clearance. Transfer students from community colleges may enter the program upon advising. Please see the Liberal Studies ITEP advisor for more information.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Reflect critically on their education and program of study.
  2. Recognize scholarship on which practice and knowledge in a discipline are based.
  3. Write critical and/or argument-based papers that can distinguish between different disciplinary methods and perspectives and potentially integrate them.
  4. Analyze a complex issue, theme or problem by applying multiple perspectives, theories, concepts and modes of inquiry.
  5. Engage and Support All Students in Learning.
  6. Create and Maintain Effective Environments for Student Learning.
  7. Understand and Organize Subject Matter for Student Learning.
  8. Plan Instruction and Design Learning Experiences for All Students.
  9. Assess Student Learning.
  10. Develop as a Professional Educator.

Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Preparation (B.A.) – minimum 75 units

Interdisciplinary Studies (6 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
LS 300GW Perspectives on Liberal Studies - GWAR 3
LS 690 Liberal Studies Senior Seminar 3

Education Experience (3 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
E ED 250 Teaching and Learning Beyond the Classroom 3

Communications, Reading, Language, and Literature (6 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
Select Two:    
     E ED 681 Teaching Language and Literature with Elementary and Middle School Students 3
     LS 403/
     COMM 557
Performance and Pedagogy of the Oppressed for Educators 3
     LS 450 Banned! Contested Protest Literature in Schools 3

Integrated Social Science (6 units)

Select Two:

Course List
Code Title Units
Select Two:    
     HIST 450 History of California 3
     LS/AMST 200 Self, Place, and Knowing: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry 3
     LS 401 International Development and Resource Justice 3
     LS 402 Introduction to Human Rights Education for Teachers and Local Communities 3

Mathematics (6 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
MATH 165 Concepts of the Number System 3
MATH 565 Concepts of Geometry, Measurement, and Probability 3

Interdisciplinary Science (6 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
Select one:  

     BIOL 310

Biology for Today's World 3

     LS 430

Future of the Forests 3
Select one:  

     LS 209

Physical Sciences for Elementary School Teachers 3

     LS 310

Science and Culture for Future Elementary School Teachers 3

     E ED 655

Hands-on Undergraduate Science Education Experience 3

Visual and Performing Arts (3 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
Select one:    
     CMX 326 Comics in Education 3
     E ED 450 Art and Learning 3
     LS 427 Social Movements & the Arts for Future Teachers 3

Physical Education and Human Development (3 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
Select One:    
     CAD 210 Introduction to Applied Child and Adolescent Development 3
     KIN 401 Elementary School Physical Education: K-5 3
     RPT 280 Developmental Play Processes 3

Elementary Education and Credential (36-39 units)

Course List
Code Title Units
E ED 687 Seminar: Field Experience 3
Select One:  

     E ED 639

Bilingual Education in the U.S.: A History of Struggle, Resistance, and Achievement 3

     E ED 701

Social, Cultural, and Historical Foundations of Education 3
Select One (Required only of candidates in the bilingual authorization): 0-3

     E ED 711

Chinese Heritage Language for the Bilingual Teacher Candidates  

     E ED 713

Spanish Heritage Language for the Bilingual Teacher: I  
Select One: 3

     E ED 712

Teaching Reading and Language Arts - Chinese Bilingual  

     E ED 782

Teaching Reading and Language Arts: K-5  
     E ED 737 Teaching Social Studies, Social Justice, and Literacy: Grades 3-6 3
     E ED 747 Teaching Practicum Phase II 3
     E ED 748 Teaching Practicum Phase III 3
     E ED 756 Teaching Practicum Seminar Phase I 3
     E ED 758 Teaching Practicum Seminar Phase III 3
     E ED 777 Curriculum and Instruction in Science 3
     E ED 784 Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics (CLAD Emphasis) 3
     E ED 786 Seminar in Developmental Teaching and Learning 3
     ITEC 711 Instructional Computing in Elementary Schools 3