Faculty Statement Against AAPI Violence

Author: School of Humanities and Liberal Studies
March 18, 2021

Dear students of the School of Humanities and Liberal Studies,

We are writing to express our distress and outrage at the rising tide of racist hostility toward Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area and across the country over the past year, which has led to many acts of violence, including several fatal or near-fatal assaults on Asian-American elders in Oakland and San Francisco, and yesterday to the murder of six Asian-American women in Atlanta. We condemn this violence and hatred absolutely, and we stand in solidarity with our AAPI colleagues, students, family members, friends, and neighbors. We support the work of our colleague Professor Russell Jeung, who has worked tirelessly to document and increase public awareness of this violent current in our national life, and we are forwarding links to these resources, suggested by our colleagues in WGS, to support resistance to such racist acts and beliefs.