Augsburg publishes article, book review, catalogue essay

Author: Campus Memo
November 13, 2023

Liberal Studies Professor Tanya Augsburg recently published a peer-reviewed article, a book review, and a catalogue essay. 

Her article, “Beyond Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research: Remembering Julie Thompson Klein during the Early Days of Text-Generating AI,” is published in Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, volume 41, No. 1. It points out how ChatGPT generated false biographical information about the late eminent scholar of interdisciplinarity Julie Thompson Klein.  

Augsburg’s book review, “Hysteria in Performance by Jenn Cole,” is published in the August 2023 issue of the University of Toronto Quarterly, which is acclaimed as one of the finest journals in the interdisciplinary humanities. 

Her introductory catalogue essay, “Contesting Metanarratives during the 1980s,” is published in “The Bay Area Women Artists’ Legacy Project: The Eighties,” edited by Jan Wurm, Elizabeth Addison and Carol Benioff. In the essay, Augsburg expands existing histories of 1980s visual art in the Bay Area by introducing the work of over 20 women artists.